Tampa Market National Day of Service

By: Eli Rodriguez — Manager, Recruiter, Training & Development, Corporate Relations at INROADS, Inc. Local leaders give back through INROADS National Day of Service. INROADS, the national non-profit organization that has placed students in over 127,000 corporate paid internships since 1970, held their annual Frank C. Carr National Day of Service on July 28th of this year. Nationally, 2,500 interns and Alumni contributed over 10,000 combined community service hours in 40 cities across the country. Locally, the INROADS Tampa Market partnered with Miracles Outreach Community Development Center, Inc. to impact the lives of dozens of children in need in the Tampa Bay area. Miracles Outreach CDC supports youth ages 12-17 by providing mentoring, intervention programs, and shelter for those in the foster care system. Their mission is to empower youth to become self-sufficient — economically, emotionally, and spiritually. July 28th was also a special day for Miracles Outreach as they held their annual Teen Empowerment Conference. The conference’s main purpose is to empower teens in need with the information necessary to make smart life choices, so that they may become upstanding citizens of the Tampa Bay community. This year’s conference theme was, “Keeping It Real”, and focused on the hard decisions and challenges affecting inner city youth. Over 40 INROADS interns were there to serve as mentors, role models, and panel speakers. At 7am on Saturday morning, the army of INROADers helped unload boxes, set up tables and chairs, man the registration tables, and welcomed the conference attendees. In addition, the INROADers helped be room and hall monitors, served food, cleaned-up, took photos and video, and supported with various needs throughout the day of the conference. INROADers helped ensure the conference ran smoothly, and were there to set a positive example for the teens. “It was great because every teen at the conference could someday become an INROADS intern, if they are guided in the right direction starting now” commented Fadwa Hilili, President of the Tampa INROADS Student Association and intern with TECO Energy. Frank C. Carr, INROADS Founder, defined Community Service as a top priority as part of the founding mission. For over 42 years, INROADS has instilled “servant leadership” in its Interns. Realizing that shaping socially conscious leaders is just as important as providing career opportunities to its Interns, the INROADS process seeks to equip Interns with the required business skills and competencies that empowers Interns to become Involved and engaged as leaders in and out of the workplace.

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